Hey beautiful person, what do you encounter in your life?

Behoefte aan rust? HSP arnhem 2beinbalanceDo you recognize the following:

  • hsp 2beinbalance arnhemYou worry too much and you are way too busy in your head

  • hsp 2beinbalance arnhemYou don't seem to get rid off your tiredness and you don't wake up refreshed

  • hsp 2beinbalance arnhemYou have trouble setting and protecting your boundaries

  • hsp 2beinbalance arnhemYou are quickly annoyed and you HAVE TO DO a lot of yourself

  • hsp 2beinbalance arnhemYou feel emotional and you are afraid that you failed and that you will never get back to work


Do you have physical complaints? Don't recognize yourself anymore?

There is a solution!


What would it be like if

Grenzen stellen HSP arnhem 2beinbalancehsp 2beinbalance arnhemYour head was calm once again

hsp 2beinbalance arnhemYou felt happy and in balance

hsp 2beinbalance arnhemYou want to go do stuff and you feel energized when you wake up

hsp 2beinbalance arnhemYou know how to set your boundaries, have more confidence and are in total control of your emotions

hsp 2beinbalance arnhemYou can function again without any physical complaints, at home AND at work

hsp 2beinbalance arnhemYou have gotten to know yourself really well, you know what happend and how you can prevent that from happening again in the future

hsp 2beinbalance arnhemYou are not only the master of your stress, but also have the tools to deal with stressful situations

hsp 2beinbalance arnhemYou can accept yourself, your burnout and every thing that happened




Sensitive & Burned-out?

A couple of days of rest or a vacation won't help...


2BeInBalance is specialized in coaching sensitive persons (HSP's) with too much stress and/or a burn-out.

My mission

It is my mission to help as much sensitive people as possible with getting to know their own HSP user manual really well,
so that they don't have to suffer from the challenges that being sensitive sometimes entails,
but can fully enjoy all the positive aspects of being sensitive.

Do you also want a quiet mind, space for yourself and to be the boss of your own energy?

I would love to help you!

HSP Coaching for Men

HSP Coaching
for Men

Transform your highsensitivity into a trump card, so that you kan live your life with strength whilst remaining your effortless self. 1 on 1 coaching to reach your maximum highsensitive potential and to always be in balance.

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HSP Burnout Coaching

HSP & Burn-out

Get rid of your burn-out once and for all! Get to know your own user manual and become your own energie, emotions and stressmanager. 1 on 1 coaching combined with acupuncture for maximum results.

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HSP Entrepreneur Coaching

HSP Entrepreneur

Are you Highly Sensitive and an Entrepreneur? And do you want to learn how you can use your sensitivity as your Busniness Super Power so you can have better results while having more fun & more energy?

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About Barbera

Barbera Schouten - HSP Coach

Isn't it wonderful to be able to have more toom in your life for your dreams, goals, ambitions and/or desires? Te be completely yourself, to do what works for you instead of what you are supposed to do?

That you may better listen to your intuition, your own sensitive powers? Never get overwhelmed and be in balance no matter what situation?

That you can experience joy and pleasure and that your passion can flow freely? Without being weighed down by all those negative feelings, emotions and behavioral patterns? To have more happiness and energie!

This is what I have learned myself being a highly sensitive person and this is what I have to offer you as a coach. It is my mission to guide you in your personal development, your highsensitivity (HSP/HSO/HSS) and your authenticity. Because I would very much like you to experience the joys of having & running your own life, whilst being in balance whenyou do so.

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