Burnout / Stress

What is a burnout?

burnout arnhemWhen body and mind get overstimulated because of stress and cannot regenerate themselves anymore, we talk about being burned out. Black and white thinking can be a direct effect of too much tension. This can cause you to feel disconnected from other people. There is no more room for reflection, connecting, processing and enjoying. People who experience these complaints often have no confidence in their own abilities any more.

Causes of a burnout

Lots of people consider burnout to be a work related problem. In reality it is in fact a combination of different factors (work, personal and internal factors) that give a person chronic stress. They constantly focus on the challenges they need to overcome and are constantly trying to survive, asking too much off themselves with no possibility to fail.

Burnout symptoms

What are the symptoms of a burnout? In the fase prior to a burnout, you feel your reserve battery drain quickly. Je are still able to work, but the work pressure clearly has to be lowered. If not, this can eventually lead to the  following complaints: 

• Loss of concentration
• Extreme tiredness
• Emotional liability
• Memory problems
• Sleep problems
• Feeling empty and drained

Burnout treatment and recovery

Why choose for a slow recuperation when you can recuperate much quicker? 

It is not necessary to take months or years to recover from your burnout. Recover usually takes about 6 months. That is once you have excepted that you are in a burnout, take it easy and NOT go into therapie. If you do go into therapy, choose a therapy that really helps you and gives you good and fast results. To be able to help you with that I have developed several packages. Which package best suits you is dependent on your situation and the nature of your complaints. I will gladly discuss this with you. 

Are you in a burnout and do you want to be yourself again quickly? Do you want to start today with relieving your stress? Do you want to know how your employer can pay for your recovery?

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