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meditatie 2beinbalance arnhemStart your morning right!

For HSP's (especially when they are in a burn-out) it is very important to start your morning right with a good morning ritual and to conclude the evening with an evening ritual. An important aspect of both rituals is meditation!

Meditation will help you 

Meditation in the morning will help you to become centered, to ground yourself and to connect with your inner self. This will ensure that you can handle your day better and that you can stay connected to yourself during the day..

End the day well

Meditation in the evening will help you to conclude your day well, so that you may release all the energies and impressions you picked-up during the day. This will help you to center in your own energie and that will help you to sleep much better..

Replenish Your Energy

We all have these moments when we feel drained, tired, exhausted and overwhelmed. How great would it be if you had a tool that allows you to replenish your energy at will? That is what this meditation does for you. Put it on your phone to enjoy it whenever you need it.

You don't have to do it alone

Because meditation is not always easy by yourself, especially when you have not done it very often, I have now recorded several meditations in mp3 format. This will allow you to put them on your phone, so that you can listen to them anytime anywhere.

What do I get?

  • The first is a breathing meditation. This will help you to breath right and connect yourself to your inner core.
  • The second is a grounding meditation. This will help you to ground yourself, center yourself and allow you to be better prepared for the days events.
  • The third is an energy meditation. This will help you to replenish your energy wherever and whenever you like.

What's the price?

For the Energy Meditation MP3's that you can listen to over and over, whenever and wherever you want, you will only pay is €5,-. 

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