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Are you always there for other people, but do you often forget about yourself in the process?

About one in every five people is highly sensitive. Impressions, sounds and smells can be overwhelming If you do not know your own user manual that well, you can experience this sensitivity as negative and as a pain in the butt. In this on-line training I hope to give you knowledge and insight into yourself and your high sensitivity, into your user manual.

Do you recognize yourself?

hooggevoelig 2beinbalance arnhem check 2beinbalance arnhemDo you experience strong emotions, both of yourself and of others even when they are not around?

check 2beinbalance arnhemDo you feel addressed quickly and do you have trouble letting things go?

check 2beinbalance arnhemDo you experience things in your life that other people find strange or impossible?

check 2beinbalance arnhemAnd does that make you not want to share what you see?

check 2beinbalance arnhemAre you always there for other people, but do you often forget about yourself in the process?

check 2beinbalance arnhemDo you often do things against your will because it makes other people happy?

All of this usses up a lot of anergy, leaving you feeling empty and tired.


Get to know your own user manual

If you do not know you are highly sensitive yet or if you don't know how to handle being highly sensitive, knowing your own user manual is what I call that, then you can end up in a negative spiral if you are not careful. This can manifest itself in fatigue, mood swings, depression and/or addictions. By getting to know your own user manual you can change that.

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Anita: ‘I learned to see the amzing sides of being highly sensitive instead of the downfalls. This gave me energy and a great appreciation for myself!’


Did you take my HSP test and did you score 8 points or more? Then you can experience a lot of benefits when taking this online training. You will learn to see the beautiful sides to being a highly sensitive person in stead of being bothered by the downsides. This will give you more satisfaction, pleasure and energy in life.


What do you need to achieve this?

It all starts with knowledge. A lot of people don't know exactly what high sensitivity means and how they can deal with it and how they can use it as a talent. For instance, it is not true that high sensitivity is all about "feeling". Being highly sensitive is so much more than that.

In my practise I have noticed that highly sensitive people often have trouble staying centered. They often have all kinds of (unconsious) thoughts that make it hard to stay centered. This can cost a lot of energy.

In this on-line training 'High Sensitive - Very Normal' you will get knowledge and insights into yourself and your high sensitivity, into your user manual.


What you will learn in this on-line training:

hooggevoelig 2beinbalance arnhem✓ What is high sensitivity?
✓ What does it mean to be a highly sensitive person?
✓ What to do when you are overwhelmed by emotions?
✓ How to not let other people and their emotions and energies bother you.
✓ How to function better and how to be able to stay grounded.
✓The secret to getting energy from your unique (high sensitivity) gift
✓ What kind of job best suits you, so that you to can have fun at your job and earn money
with a job that suits your unique gift.

This on-line training takes 3 months and you can follow it from your home and in your own
pace. You can start immediately with the information and the exercises and get to know
yourself and your own user manual. It is also possible to start at a later date. You just
leave my e-mails in your inbox until you are ready.

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This is what others have to say about the training...

✓ ‘This training is very interesting and educational. My comliments!’ - 43 year old head of finance from Venray'

✓ ’I find this training to be a real enrichment. I am getting to know myself again. The exercises help me tremendously. Thank you! - 37 year old manager and mother of 3 kids from Arnhem

✓ 'This training is super clear, fun and educational! So many things fall into place!- 40 year old HR head from Arnhem'

✓ ’The training has given me a lot of insight into myself, very valuable - 53 year old mother of 3 from Leiden'.

✓ 'Because of this training I can now explain being highly sensitive better my environment, so they have a better understanding of my way of reacting. - 41 year old ZZP from Hilversum


What you will get:

✓ Spread over 3 months, 5 modules with 35 chapters from a digital workbook in PDF, with knowledge and practical tips about high sensitivity so you have more fun and energy in your live. You can follow the training at your own pace.

✓ Practical exercises in PDF, with which you will discover what being highly sensitive means for you and how you can see it as a positive quality so that it can give you energy. These PDF's are for maximun knowledge transfer and help you to get the most out of each chapter annd so you can practise what you have learned inmediatly.

✓ Meditation MP3's which you can use inmediatly.

✓ Free telephone session for all your questions.

✓ Acces to the Facebook Group.

Bespaar met deze onlinetraining tijd! You don't have to to somewhere and you can follow this training from the comfort of your own home. You can learn new things from anyplace you want to. You only need a computer or a tablet!

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For who is this training?

You will get the most out of this training if you:

✓ Suspect that you are highly sensitive, but you are not sure yet
✓ You recently found out that you are highly sensitive, but you don't know what this means for you and how this is supposed to give you energy
✓ If you only see the downsides of being highly sensitive, instead of the energy giving qualities
✓ If you are open to new knowledge and ideas

Pay attention, this training is NOT for you if:

✓ You already know a lot about high sensitivity and you have been practising with that extensively
✓ You are not open to a holistic approach, new ideas and knowledge
✓ You don't like reading (digitally)



bonus 2beinbalance arnhem1. Counselling by telephone (with a value of € 120,-)

You will receive the possibility to plan a telephone session. We can talk for 30 minutes and I will give you advise personally.

2. Meditation MP3's to start meditating inmediatly (with a value of € 90,-)

You will practise meditating so you can be grounded and centered.

3. Extra coaching in person (with a value of € 950,-)

If you pay a little extra, it is possible to follow this training AND get 2 hours of personal coaching. You can arrange for this at the start of the training by mentioning it in the comments field of the subscription form. It is also possible to arrange this later on, please contact me for the possibilities.

4. Mastering EFT (Emotional Freedom techniques with a value of € 350,-)

Learn to heal yourself from o.a. trauma's, phobias, physical ot psychsomatic complaints (headache, migraines, backache etc) and addictions. The goal of EFT is to desensatise, the emotional load of memories and physical pains will be neutralized.

Download the free first chapter of the online training


Ready to get to know yourself?

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If you have questions or something is unclear, then please let me know! Ask your question via the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I hope to see you in my training soon, you are more then welcome!

Kind regards,