The best thing you can become is you

Especially for HSPs / high sensitive persons, I offer HSP coahing. The coaching aims to give you information and practical excersizes that will help you to integrate your high sensitivity into your life in a pleasant way.

The start

We always start with an intake. This helps to connect the coaching to your personal wishes. We will also talk about how you experience your high sensitvity now and how you have been handeling it thusfar. After this conversation you will decide if you want to enter into the coaching or not.

The sequel

The sequel to the intake consists of individual coaching sessions. I don't have a standard program and I adapt my coaching to your needs and wishes.

Possible subjects

Subjects that are often discussed are:

  • Being you: grounding and other excersizes to help you connect to yourself, to be yourself and to stay yourself.
  • Comming into your power: taking up your own space, setting boundaries.
  • We wil pay attention to a healthy HSP living environment: what can you do yourself?
  • Safety and trust 
  • Harmonisation and expension

During coaching

During coaching you will receive excersizes that  connect to your high sensitivity. So you can work on it at home too.

Online is also possible!

Coaching can also be followed as online therapie via Skype! Working condition is that there is a working Internet connection with picture and sound. Many people find it pleasant that the first session is in person though.
The price for online coaching via Skype is the same as in person.

It is also possible to register for my Online Training Highly Sensitive Very Normal!


When can I start?

Because this is personal coaching, you can start anytime you want. The same goes for the online training.


Do you want to know what I can do for you? Then please contact me and I will be glad to answer all your questions.

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I also write blogs about high sensitivity, but for now they are all in dutch. I am working on translating them in the future. I am however vlogging in English now!
There is also an HSP support group, locally, that you can join. Ask me about it.

Below you can watch a movie titled "About the Highly Sensitive Person" in which E. Aron, psychologist and psychotherapist from the VS, after years of scientific research, talks about het findings regarding High Sensitivity.