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Concur your burn-out and find your own strength again!

Have you been suffering from a burnout or burnout complaints for some time now? Do you feel like you have tried everything and nothing seems to work? Does it seem like you will never get rid off your burnout and is it hard to recognize yourself?      

50% of people who suffer from a burnout is highly sensitive

HSP highly sensitiveburn-out 2beinbalance ArnhemYou are not alone. Figures show that 14% of all employees end up in a burnout. That is more than 900.000 people. Of those 900.000 people 50% is highly sensitive.

More than 35% of the people claim that a regular program did not help them to get rid of their burnout.

Still its possible to be happy and in balance again. To understand yourself and to recognize yourself again. To feel powerful and energetic again.

Recognizable? You are not alone

  • Do you feel the need to be alone?
  • Coaching- HSP - Burnout - 2BeInBalance -ArnhemDo you feel like yo are constantly in your head?
  • Do you feel heavy and lifeless and like you don't understand yourself anymore?

Are you the boss over your emotions or do your emotions control you?

  • Do you feel like you are about to loose control?
  • Are your reactions just a bit more sensitive than the those of others?
  • Do you feel frightened and stressed and do you want to know how to handle this?

Is your body abandoning you and is it hard to recognize yourself?

  • Missing something? HSP Burnout 2BeInBalance ArnhemIs your body telling you to take it easy?
  • Are you at a dead end and loosing overview of your life?

Do you have a big heart for others, but often forget yourself in the process?

  • Is it hard for you to set your boundaries, to say "no" and does that cause you to (unconsciously) cross your own limits?
  • Do you have a lot of empathy for others, but often forget yourself in the proces?

If you have answered most of the above questions with "yes", read on to see how I can help you to become your effortless self again and to gain new insights into yourself.

Highly Sensitive? Alternative care works better 

What regular care does not take into account where your burnout is concerned is your highsensitivity. When you are highly sensitive you often know in your mind what you have to do, you just don't seem to be able to actually do it.

2BeInBalance is specialized in helping highly sensitive persons with a burnout. Are you afraid that you failed and that you will never get out of your burnout again? Do you long to shed the weight that has been weighing you down and to feel like yourself again? The unique combination of acupuncture and coaching will help you to feel powerful, energetic and like yourself again in an average of only 9 sessions.

be yourself HSP 2beinbalance ArnhemLets get to it!

During our coaching sessions we will look at you as a highly sensitive person and what you need to get you out of your burnout and to feel like your powerful self again fastest.

Find your strength!

I believe that when you are your effortless self and you have found your strength, you can handle everything life throws at you and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Combine coaching in nature with acupuncture for great results

Working with me consists of a unique combination of coaching in nature combined with acupuncture. This way I can treat both body and mind to get you out of your burnout and back into balance faster.  Body and mind are connected and by bringing them both back into balance you will be yourself in no time!

What to expect?

During our coaching sessions we will use nature as a second coach. I will guide you on your path to discover your inner strength and your effortless self. Together we will be inspired by the wisdom, strength and creativity that is hidden within nature and we will listen to the massages nature has to offer.

Nature can support you to gain clarity and valuable insight into yourself. During our sessions in nature we will walk together on the path to finding your effortless self. Because when you are your effortless self, you can plot your own course and find your own balance time and time again. Not only will you be in charge of your life (again), you will also be more conscious and more alert AND experience more happiness and pleasure in your life.Your power - HSP - Burnout - 2BeINBalance - Arnhem

Acupuncture: recover your energy and more

Acupuncture is a nice addition to the awareness that coaching in nature brings you. With acupuncture I can not only bring body and mind back into balance, I can also support your awareness process and help to physically process the insights you gain during coaching.

The result: understand what happened and keep your balance no matter what

You will be able to trust your own body and your own strength again. Who you are, what is important to you and why you do the things you do the way you do them are the starting points of this journey to discover yourself again. Once you have found your strength and have taken your first steps on the path to becoming effortless yourself, you will find yourself in a positive spiral upwards.


Take that first step and get out of your burnout* and regain your strength!

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*Burnout coaching is also possible through your employer. Contact me for the possibilities.

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