Basic in Balance

Package 1 : Basic in Balance

Is het je teveel? HSP burnout 2beinbalance arnhemFor whom?

Are you experiencing stress and burnout complaints? Having trouble recognizing yourself?

And do you want to feel happy and light again? To feel in balance no matter what?

Do you want to turn things around before it affects your health in a negative way?

Or maybe you just found out that you are highly sensitive and you want to know what this means for you and how you can see it as a strength in stead of a weakness?

Than the Basic in Balance package is for you!

Get back in balance

With the Basic in Balance package you will get valuable insight into yourself and your own user manual. You will get to know yourself really well and you will start to understand why you react to things the way that you do. You will also learn about your strengths and your qualities so that you can use them to your advantage, both professionally and personally

What happened?

We will also look at what happened to get you here, what triggered your burnout and why your stress level became so high and how to prevent that from happening in the future. Where are your boundaries, what are your limits? How can you guard them better? How does your thinking influence you? What gives you stress and what gives you energy?

What's in the package?

The Basic in Balance package consists of 6 sessions of  1-1,5 hours (usually weekly). These sessions can be a combination of (nature or skype) coaching and acupuncture and they are designed to help you to get back into your natural balance and to give you the tools to stay there. The unique combination of coaching and acupuncture will bring you back into balance, both physically and mentally. You decide which form our sessions take though. I give advice, but you decide.

What can you expect?

We will start with an Effortless Self Session to get to know each other. You than decide if you want to continue. Yes? Than I will send you an extensive intake question form. We will discuss your answers during our session. Together we will look at your wants and needs and what will be the best way to get you feeling like yourself again.

Overzicht kwijt? HSP burnout 2beinbalance arnhemThe (nature or skype) coaching sessions will either take place with me in nature or through skype on the PC. The advantage of coaching in nature is that nature will act as a second coach and this will help us to get to the root of the problem quickly. But coaching via skype can be just as effective and it will save you travel time and expenses. The choice is yours.

If you choose acupuncture also, we will look at your physical well being as well. What makes you so tired? Where is your body out of balance? What needs to happen to get your body (and mind) back into balance? 

What is the result?

At the end of our time together you will have gained valuable insight into your own user manual. You know what your qualities are and how to use them to your advantage. And you will know what it means for you personally to be highly sensitive. You know what made you burn out and how to handle your stress, so that repetition in the future is highly unlikely. You know what your limits are and you know how to protect your boundaries. You are feeling happy and energetic again, you are no longer tired, you stopped worrying and you feel like your old self again.

What else am I getting?

Extra bonus(sen) are:

  • The HSP Survial guide, how to remain standing when the world overwhelms you.
  • my tips & tricks, every 2 weeks, with extra valuable knowledge and special offers.
  • a dietary and exercise guide that will help your body to recover from your burnout. 
  • acces to the Facebook group where you can talk with like minded people, because it is so great to connect with people who really get you. 
  • free email support during our whole time together.

Lets get to it!

Do you want to take the first step today to reduce your complaints and start to feel like your old self again? Plan an Effortless Self session with me. I look forward to meeting you!


Yes, I want to feel like my Effortless Self!


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