High Sensitivity Coaching

The best thing you can become is you!

Especially for HSP´s / high sensitive persons, I offer HSP coaching. HSP coaching focusses on giving you lots of information about your high sensitivity and what it means for you, as well as practical tools that will help you incorporate your high sensitivity into your life in a pleasurable manor so that you don't have to suffer from the challenges that being an HSP entails. This allows you to focus on the positive sides of being highly sensitive, so that you too can be your effortless self.

Kei goed 2beinbalance arnhemThe start

We start with a "Being your Effortless Self" session. In this session we will get to know each other and we will discuss your high sensitivity and what it is that you could use some help with. This helps to connect the coaching to your specific needs and how to deal with the challenges of being an HSP. After this session, you will decide if you want to move forward with the coaching and then we can plan a startdate.

The sequel

The sequel consists of several individual coaching sessions. We work according to a variable setup and the contents will be tailored to your specific high sensitive needs.

Possible subjects

Subjects that often come to mind are:

  • zelf balans 2beinbalance arnhemBeing you: earthing/grounding and other exercises to connect you with yourself, to be true to yourself in stead of acting like a chameleon
  • Standing and staying in your own strength, taking up your own space and setting boundaries
  • Attention for a healthy HSP-livingenvironment and what you can do about it yourself?
  • Safety and trust
  • Harmonizing and
  • Rest and focus.
  • Protecting yourself, your energie and your emotions
  • The HSP Rescue Kit

During coaching

During coaching you will receive several exercises that fit your high sensitivity. Homework so to say.

Online is also possible!

Coaching is also possible in the form of online session with Skype! Prerequisite for this is a good working internet connection with picture and sound. A lot of people find it better to have the first session in person though.

When can I start?

Because this is personal coaching 1 on 1 you can start whenever you want to.

Let's get to it!

Do you want to know what 2BeInBalance can do for you?

Take the first step towards getting to know yourself and your unique high sensitive gift and plan a Effortless Self session with me.

Yes, I want to be my effortless self!

Also check my Vlog for more information, tips and advise on high sensitivity.

Here you can watch a movie called "About the Highly Sensitive Person" in which E. Aron, psychologist and psycho-therapist from the United States, after having done scientific research for yours, talks about her discoveries regarding high sensitivity.


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