Nov 15, 2019
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Energy Protection Techniques for Energy Sensitives

Energy Protection Techniques for Energy Sensitives

There are basic techniques a person can learn and practice to protect themselves and their energy from the negativity of others: psychic self-defense.

As an empath or highly sensitive person (also referred to as an energy sensitive), you can deeply sense the energy around you; often taking on the emotions and/or pain of others as if they were your own. This sensitivity is a result of your central nervous system processing sensory information more intensely and the very different way that energy can affect you emotionally and physically.

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The upside of energy sensitivity is immeasurable. Highly sensitive people are intuitive, compassionate and kind individuals who are often driven to help others and make the world a better place.

Empaths can tune into the feelings of others and provide insightful comfort and care; making them great healers, counsellors, teachers and advocates. Energy sensitives also tend to be less judgmental, because they can feel and understand the energy and feelings of people on all sides of any issues.

One of the main downsides to being highly sensitive is becoming overwhelmed by the energy around you. Absorbing the feelings, emotions and physical sensations of others can drain your own energy.

Energy sensitivity creates a strong empathy for others, leading many to literally take on the emotions and pain of those around them; from feelings to physical symptoms. This can leave many who are sensitive feeling fatigued, anxious, irritable, stressed and even in physical pain.

But it does not have to be this way. It is possible to enjoy the many “pros” of being an empath while safeguarding against the “cons”. It’s a simple as understanding energy and knowing how to work with it (in your favor).

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Energy Protection

Energy Protection refers to being aware of your own vibration and field of energy; taking mindful action to keep your energy clear, balanced and high vibrating for your optimal well-being. This helps to avoid getting drained, feeling overwhelmed, becoming anxious or manifesting physical symptoms (like pain or headaches).

Energy protection is like invisible armor protecting your personal energy. Always listen and trust your inner guidance. If it feels right, then do it. If energy feels heavy or unwanted, protect yourself. All you need to do is pay attention and feel, then take the action necessary. Remember, it is the INTENTION of protecting your energy field that protects you.

Energy Vampires

We are also welcome targets for Energy Vampires. Energy vampirism is when a person uses any fear based emotion to emotionally impact us and thereby gain access to our personal energy whereas they are then capable of claiming it as their own. Some of these fear based emotions include intimidation, guilt, embarrassment, pity, anger, and depression.

It becomes important for people that find themselves constantly around energy vampires and their negativity to consistently remind themselves that they are in control of their own energy and where it goes.

That, of course, isn’t always easy and in some cases is much easier said than done. Thankfully, there are many very basic and easy techniques that a person can learn, experiment with, and practice to protect their own energy and themselves from the negativity of others.

Here are several ways to protect your energy

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a unique gift from nature. They have healing, protective, soothing, regenerating and therapeutic effects. They are often called the "life energy of nature", they are the heart and soul of plants.

Essential oils are the aromatic liquids that are extracted from flowers, trees, carrots, shrubs and seeds. They not only determine the aroma of the plant, but are also vital for the plants to grow, live, develop and adapt to the environment. They support the plants in repelling insects and protect them against external influences and diseases.

Modern studies show that essential oils with aromatic use, topical application or evaporation can have a calming, balanced, cleansing, rejuvenating and energizing effect on body and mind.

But they can also help protect us from outside influences. That is why I have created several essential oil blends especially for Highly Sensitive People (HSP), including an HSP Protection Blend.

Healing Crystals

Healing crystals balance the body using the healing properties of gemstones and crystals. When crystals are worn or placed on your body, they have a powerful vibratory effect that surges from the crystal to you.

Each stone has a different purpose; working with various chakras and organs to bring about physical and emotional healing, as well as providing energy protection.

Any black crystals, like Black Onyx or Jet, provide protection for your energy field. A grounding Crystal, like Hematite, will do the same. It helps create a boundary so you can take your space and help others, without taking on energy and issues that are not yours. For HSP's the Labradorite is also a great protection stone and I wear a Labradorite bracelet every day for this purpose.

Archangel Michael

AA Michael is a protector. A great technique for energy protection is to ask him for it and envision yourself surrounded by a soft bluish-purple light (this can be used for literal and energy protection of people and material items). You can also wear an amethyst which is Archangel Michael’s Crystal, it is great for protection.

Cross Cross aka Close Your Aura

One of the easiest ways to protect yourself is to make your aura dense and compact. This can be done instantly and means the aura is more difficult to penetrate. Closing your aura is a conscious form of energy protection.

If you are ever in a situation where someone is being very negative or if you are around people at a business meeting, a party, in an airport, etc., cross your arms over the the lower abdominal area or in your lap and cross your legs and set the intention that your energy is protected and/or that you close your aura. It prevents individuals from draining your energy.

These body positions act to close off the human energy circuits and also protect various chakra (energy) points – depending on where the arms are crossed. This sends a clear signal with body language as well, and the person will likely stop.

Bubble of (White) Light

Light is a form of energy and can provide protection for your personal field. Picture yourself surrounded by white, purple or pink light; or layer all 3. White light is pure and clears energy, purple light is protective and pink light is loving energy; any of them work alone and combined together they keep you centered in positive energy. And if you want to use just one, choose the white light of eternal love and protection.

May I suggest the following visualizations:
a) Picture yourself in the center of a light bulb, then imagine it is turned on.
b) While standing under a shower of water (real or imagined), see/feel the water turn into the light.
c) Visualize an angel hovering over you and the light radiating from all around it and around you.

White light is important as being in it raises our own vibrations thus making it less likely that we’ll even encounter those who are choosing to follow the path of a lower vibration (hence negativity). Additionally, it helps to neutralize the negative vibrations that do manage to make their way to our aura.

Cocoon Your Body

Imagine a protective (encircling) cocoon of white and golden light beginning from under your feet and going up around your legs, thighs, hips, waist, stomach, chest, heart, throat, face and head, and around the entire back of your body.

Set the intention that any negative energy not penetrate this cocoon but that love spreads out to all people you come in contact with or any situation you encounter. You can cocoon yourself prior to going to work, traveling, having guests come in your home, or going out for a night on the town.

Become Non Reactive

When someone gets very angry with you and you do not show a reaction to that negative emotion, have you noticed the person gets angrier?

The anger directed toward you bounces back to the individual, creating more of an imbalance around that person’s energy field. What you can do to protect your own energy in such situations is to stay calm and remain detached. Then you will not be energetically affected by their anger.

You must be the one to think clearly and respond without attachment to the emotional outburst as long as you are not in danger. Attempt to get the angered individual out of the angry mind-set. Sometimes just saying “I am sorry” or “How can I help you?” or simply listening without interrupting can decrease the anger directed at you.

Last words

Experiment with these techniques to find the ones that work best for you. It’s important to remember that this is not about protecting yourself from anyone who means you harm; people are generally not “out to get you”.

This is about recognizing your own sensitivity and safeguarding so you can function daily. These techniques help set healthy energy boundaries so you do not take on all that energy swirling around every day and can serve your purpose in your optimal state of well-being.

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